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About AccuAquatics

AccuAquatics is a Florida based pool service franchise offering qualified persons with an entrepreneurial spirit and goal the opportunity to take control of their future by following a business model that has been refined, market tested, and appreciated by countless satisfied customers over the years.

Meet the growing market needs for quality pool maintenance, cleaning, and other related services to discerning pool owners in your local territory. And, more important, run your independent business with confidence, knowing you are backed by a support team that has many years in the pool industry, but an even longer history in consumer services, business development, marketing, and more!

AccuAquatics' Franchise mission statement and goal is to provide a higher quality of trust and rapport to the pool cleaning and maintenance industry. One of the main concerns of customers in our experience was dress and grooming. I (Edward) on more than one occasion when on a new account heard the complaint "It bothered the householder to see or meet their pool cleaner with his pants or shorts hanging down." There is a need to raise the ethical standards, and this in turn will build trust. AccuAquatics Franchise will not bend or compromise these standards This is one of the reasons that our franchise brand is and will be superior and successful.


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